Dear Friends,

It is a real privilege to address all of you through this welcome on such a special occasion: next November we celebrate the fifth anniversary of the NED Institute. The delivery and generosity of hundreds of volunteers in the free assistance to the most vulnerable patients, is worthy of our greatest recognition and admiration.

On November 17th, 2014, the NED Foundation, in collaboration with the Zanzibar Ministry of Health, founded the “first humanitarian institute of neurosurgery in Africa”. It is a center that we manage jointly with the local health authorities, non-profit, that treats all patients who come to it free of charge. It has two operating rooms, an ICU, three hospitalization rooms, two consultations and a conference room where numerous conferences, presentations and courses aimed at professionals in the region have been held. He has recently been accredited as a teaching center for the training of African neurosurgeons by the College of Surgeons of East Africa.
Since then, hundreds of volunteers have defrayed their expenses and participated in medical missions, attending and operating thousands of patients. Its construction and maintenance have meant an expense of more than one and a half million euros. It is noteworthy that any institution that exceeds five years in the context of extreme poverty, without departing from the basic principles that contributed to its creation, deserves the highest recognition and the greatest appreciation of the local community for its prolonged continuity of service. of others.

I also want to emphasize that the creation and development of this Institute has become a model for the development of medicine in low-income countries. The incorporation of Neurosurgery marks a new step in health care in low-income countries, as it leads to a global improvement of medicine and economic poverty. Undoubtedly, developed countries like ours must work together with those with less income to boost access to safe and affordable surgery for the poor.

Many are the projects that have occupied us this year NED 2018/19, and of them and their results and impact you have detail in this report in which we report to you. Here I want to highlight one: Matumaini NED which constitutes an integrated action on the Sebleni district, one of the poorest in Stone Town. This project, particularly intense, impacts on improving the vulnerability of African women and their environment.



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