Dear Friends,

Africa is a surprising and extraordinary continent, full of cultural and human wealth. Its unique appeal inspires the desire to experience it and get to know it thoroughly. However, Africa remains the poorest continent in the world with the worst health indicators and the lowest per capita income. When it comes to neurosurgery, the situation is even more dramatic.

Starting our development work in neurosurgery and other related fields has required great cooperation, generosity and dedication from our many NED volunteers. This year our priorities have focused on practical teaching and performing various neurosurgical procedures at hospitals in the region (Sudan, Zanzibar, Eldoret, Mombasa) where we have also developed programs for various related specialties: neurointensive care, otolaryngology, radiology, orthopedics, gynecology and nursing. In addition to surgeries which are supervised and coordinated by NED, the Foundation has donated equipment and surgical instruments and has funded training for medical personnel. At present, our investment accumulated in the last three years exceeds €600,000.

Many developments have had an impact on our activities since the start of our project. Now, Africa receives much more attention from NED, which has expanded human and material resources to develop our programs at Mnazi Mmoja Hospital in Zanzibar and at the Coast General Hospital in Mombasa (Kenya). More than 80 volunteers distributed in missions have traveled to the continent.

In addition, NED has initiated its non-medical project at Mazizini Orphanage (formerly known as Forodhani). Last January, this orphange was visited by several Foundation members. They took the first step towards future collaboration, with aid programs destined for more than 60 orphans between the ages of 7 months and 24 years. We gave them love and they gave us the “ALL” OF AN AFRICAN CHILD. This project was introduced to the First Lady of Zanzibar and local authorities who welcomed NED ideas and NED non-medical projects with great enthusiasm.

When we think about huge issues: world poverty, disease, war, hunger… everything looks terrible, no improvement, no hope…

But think about that smallest thing, the closest thing…., for example, the next mission, treating hydrocephalus endoscopically, organizing an intensive care unit, providing care at childbirth on some lost island, smiling and playing with orphans, organizing excursions with them…… then it is great and everything seems easier. That is our message: “think small” in order to build something big: NED.

Thank you ALL for understanding this simple message, and we especially thank our volunteers for their solidarity, support and love. Without you, none of this would be a reality.

With best regards,

The NED Foundation