The journey of collaborating and integrating trauma into the NED Foundation has begun.

With the first missions in Zanzibar, where many patients were seen and surgery was performed in the most urgent cases, it’s time to assess the needs so that we can develop our work under the best possible conditions.

For future missions, the main priority is to carry out ongoing work and organize missions every three months with at least one team made up of an orthopedic surgeon and nurse.

In addition to resolving some pathologies, we intend to teach and educate so as to correct some of the most common deformities in less developed countries.

Instrumentation is required to perform surgery. It is essential to have osteosynthesis supplies (plates and screws), storage containers, sterilization, and instruments for placement (drilling motors, bits, screwdrivers, grids …)

Dressing materials and immobilization (bandages and plaster) and orthopedic equipment (crutches and a wheelchair) are also needed.

The first knee arthroscopy was performed in Mnazi Mmoja Hospital in Zanzibar, and we will need teaching material for this type of surgery in Zanzibar and possibly in Mombasa.

The NED coordinator for this project is:


Dr. José Ramón Perez del Valle

Traumatoogy coordinator