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  • The course will hold its 14th edition, in person, at the Hospital de la Ribera (Alzira, Valencia) from 26-29 October 2022.
  • The International University of Valencia, through the VIU-NED Chair in Global Neuroscience and Social Change offers 4 scholarships to attend the course to which interested health professionals can apply.
  • Those interested have until 23 September to submit their applications.


The VIU-NED Chair in Global Neuroscience and Social Change, created by the International University of Valencia and NED Foundation, has launched this September 9th the official call to apply for one of the 4 scholarships to attend the 14th edition of the Clinical-Surgical Neuroanatomy Course.

The course, which has a total of 20 places, is taught by a distinguished team of Neurosurgeons, Nurses, Radiologists and Neuropsychologists, and has become a benchmark event in specialized training in Clinical-Surgical Neuroanatomy. This new edition has the novelty of having two itineraries: on the one hand, the usual one from previous editions, aimed at Doctors, Nurses, Radiologists and Physiotherapists, among others; and, on the other hand, a newly created one, focused on professionals from other branches of Neuroscience such as Neuropsychology and Speech Therapy focused on neurological damage.

The course thus opens its doors to the participation of health professionals such as Neuropsychologists, speech therapists and other professionals specializing in brain damage; a thematic expansion that will also be reflected in the composition of the team of speakers, which will include lecturers specializing in these areas of knowledge and from the International University of Valencia.

The deadline to apply for the scholarships opens on  September 9th and closes on September 23rd. Those interested in applying for one of these training grants should download the terms and conditions and send their application to the following email address:

Regarding the course and the scholarships presented, Dr Jose Piquer Belloch, Head of the Neurosurgery Department, co-director of the Chair and President of NED, stated that “This action materialices one of the main aims of our Chair, to offer quality training for health professionals in the field of Neuroscience, as well as to promote the generation of knowledge in this area. It is a cutting-edge course with the participation of experts with extensive experience in this field, who will offer participants the techniques applicable in their field of work, thus responding to the need for continuous training of health professionals who treat neurological patients

In line with what Dr Piquer said, Dr Maria Jose Garcia Rubio, Neuropsychologist, professor at VIU and co-director of the Chair, pointed out that “This is a great opportunity to bring the academic world of the University closer to clinical practice; all of this encompassed from the field of knowledge of Neuroanatomy. This year, two different itineraries have also been established so that the sessions will be more specialized and the students of our university will have access to the exhibition of real clinical cases. The Chair will be present in the organisation and coordination of the speakers and students for the second consecutive year in accordance with the objectives of promoting training and research in Neuroscience established at the beginning of the Chair”.

This fourteenth edition of the Clinical-Surgical Neuroanatomy Course will be held from October 26th to 29th, 2022, at the Hospital Universitario de la Ribera and is supported by the Department of Health and Public Health of the Generalitat Valenciana.

The outstanding multidisciplinary team that will teach the course will include Dr Jose Piquer Belloch, head of the Neurosurgery Service of the Hospital Univ. de la Ribera, President of NED and co-director of the Chair of Global Neuroscience and Social Change; Dr Maria Jose Garcia Rubio, Neuropsychologist, professor at VIU and co-director of the Chair and Dr Luis Moreno Oliveras, head of the Surgical Department of the Hospital and member of NED and of the Chair.

During the four days of the course, the speakers will conduct a comprehensive review of the anatomy of the human brain and spine using a methodology that combines theoretical and practical training. In this way, attendees will receive comprehensive training, which will allow them to practice the theoretical knowledge immediately. As for the training differentiated by itinerary, on the first day, a common content will be given to the health professions, with special emphasis on the functioning and structure of the nervous and peripheral system. On days two and three, the morning session will be common to the whole group, and in the afternoon, the group will be divided by pathway.

The Chair in Global Neuroscience and Change has among its main objectives the development of scientific, educational and dissemination activities related to global neuroscience, seeking an impact on social change. To this end, the Chair prioritizes the ‘Global Surgery 2030’ program, an initiative launched in 2015 by an international commission of experts to improve surgical care for all people, with a special emphasis on the most disadvantaged populations globally. In the specific case of the Chair, a substantial part of its field work is carried out at the NED Foundation’s health care and training headquarters in Zanzibar.

Bases of the Call for applications for the VIU – NED Chair Neuroanatomy Course Scholarship Program

14th Edition of the VIU – NED Chair in Clinical-Surgical Neuroanatomy Course Program