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In April 2011, the Sewing Classroom began to be developed at the Mazizini Orphanage (Zanzibar).

Thanks to the donation of 5 sewing machines added to the three that existed there, it has been possible to start sewing classes. This allows them to advance in the development of their training for the future, but also for the present.

In December 2011, a group of volunteers traveled to Zanzibar again and dedicated their work and effort to promoting the Mazizini Sewing Workshop-Classroom. Our coordinator Mrs. Rosa Gadea Martinez and Mrs. Pilar Vazquez dedicated their knowledge and enthusiasm to infect and involve a large number of children from the orphanage.

Bags, cushions and other clothing items were made for the personal use of the children.

To continue with the work of these days and to promote learning, a local coordinator has been appointed, an orphanage worker. Saada is in charge of organizing the classes and keeping the workshop tidy and clean.

A new mission is being organized for April. On this occasion, our coordinator will travel again to strengthen and continue, together with her, the tasks of organizing the school.

Continuing with the task of involving the children of the orphanage and its workers, a craft workshop, specifically painting and marquetry, has been included in the program of the sewing workshop. Photo frames, objects for personal use, etc. are made. through templates and has served so that other children attended the practices.

NED Sewing Workshop-School Coordinator::

Dª Rosa Magdalena Gadea Martínez
NED Sewing Workshop-School Coordinator


Thank you for your HELP and COLLABORATION