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On September 2nd, Mrs. Mireia Sanchez Gaya arrived in Zanzibar, which remained on the island until the end of October.

She continued with the projects that the Foundation is developing in the Sebleni Village with the village women’s group, Matumaini, in the Mazizini Orphanage and with the Daraja Foundation.

During her long stay she did: English classes in Sebleni. Matumaini: Product catalog, new inventory and support system, price review and price list (to present it to customers). Orphanage: various activities every Sunday (wool bracelets, chocolate cookies, homemade clay, painting our faces, …). In addition, and thanks to the donations received, an excursion to Paje was organized with the children (in which finally and despite the permits received, only a part of them was able to participate).

On the other hand, they also collaborated in the tutoring program in Daraja and Rukia was helped: we got information about universities, how to get the ID card and passport, … Along with private issues, work or studies where he needed support and / or advice.


On September 15th, a new Neurosurgical mission arrived in Zanzibar for the Mnazi Mmoja NED Surgical Institute. Coordinated by Dr Ruben Rodriguez Mena (Neurosurgeon), it was also made up of Dr Khaled Aal Ali (Neurosurgeon) and Mrs. Maria Jose Sanchez Duque (Scrub Nurse)

Fourteen surgeries were carried out during the days of the mission, which included two cases of urgent admission: a cerebral hemorrhage and a severe traumatic brain injury. They participated in the activity of external consultations, with discussion of clinical cases in conjunction with the local medical staff in training. A review of the Institute’s consumables and medications was carried out, as well as the review of the surgical material of the available instruments boxes. Daily visit passes were performed on patients admitted to hospital wards, as well as those in the ICU. They worked together with local doctors to adjust the pharmacological treatment of the patients, perform surgical wound cures, and the corresponding general and postural hygiene guidelines. Joint collaboration was achieved with the intensive medicine and rehabilitation service for the evaluation and treatment of patients admitted to the Institute


Within our Gynecology project, a new and large mission arrived in Pemba on September 29th, remaining there until October 7th.

On this occasion and coordinated by Dr Fernando Carbonell Castello (Surgeon) and was made up of: Dr Sonsoles Aragon Alvarez (Anesthesiologist), Dr Ana Boldo Roda (Gynecologist), Dr Marta Gallego Chinillach (Gynecologist), Dr Amparo Ganau Ituren (Urologist), Dr Cristina Martinez Porcar (Pediatrician), Dr Encarna Miñana Aragon (Anesthesiologist), Dr Maria del Mar Ramirez Blasco (Gynecologist), Mrs. Carmen Salido Puig (Midwife) and the nurses: Mrs. Maria Campos Crespo and Mrs. Anna Reula Carrillo.

At the same time, Dr Ernesto Fernandez Garcia (Orthopedic Surgeon) and Dr Fernando Sanchez Garcia (Anesthesiologist) went to the Mnazi Mmoja NED Surgical Institute, to continue with our Orthopedic  project.

In both cases, they continued with the work and objectives of both projects.