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During September 2018, four missions have been moved to Zanzibar.

The first one, corresponding to our ICU Project, was made up of Dr Elena Rico Gonzalez (Intensivist), who remained at the Mnazi Mmoja Hospital until September 25th, performing support and advice to the nursing staff in their work in the ICU of the Mnazi Mmoja Hospital. Preparation of the draft Organization and Protocol Guide, with the Spanish supervisors and volunteers of the UCI Project.

Paralelamente a ella, una nueva misión Neuroquirúrgica coordinada por el Dr. Luis Francisco Gómez Perals (Neurocirujano) llegó al Mnazi Mmoja NED Surgical Institute; en esta ocasión acompañan al Dr. Gómez Perals, el Dr. Luis Carlos Requena Requena (Neurocirujano), Dª Beatriz Oval Rodríguez (Enfermera Instrumentista), Dª Ana Rosa Ojeda Marchena (Enfermera) y D. David Hernández Pascual (Auxiliar Técnico en Enfermería), permaneciendo en la Isla hasta el día 16.

Parallel to it, a new Neurosurgical mission coordinated by Dr Luis Francisco Gomez Perals (Neurosurgeon) arrived at the Mnazi Mmoja NED Surgical Institute; on this occasion he was accompanied by Dr Luis Carlos Requena Requena (Neurosurgeon), Mrs. Beatriz Oval Rodriguez (Scrub Nurse), Mrs. Ana Rosa Ojeda Marchena (Nurse) and Mr. David Hernandez Pascual (Nursing Technical Assistant) , remaining on the Island until the 16th.

Their work was divided into three large blocks::

  • Assistance activities::
    • Outpatient consultation: Active participation in assessment and selection of subsidiary patients for neurosurgical treatment (48 assessed patients).
    • Surgical procedures: Chief surgeon and assistant surgeon. (8 operated patients)
    • Review and daily evolutionary follow-up of the operated patients.
    • Participation and attendance at a daily session carried out by the Institute’s health personnel. Where incidents of hospitalized patients, postsurgical and daily surgical planning are discussed.
  • Teaching activities:
    • During the consultation activities: Radiological findings, exploratory signs, surgical indications are discussed with interested health staff from the Institute
    • During surgical procedures: Surgical techniques, anatomical details are discussed; in addition to practical suture training for surgical staff of the Institute. Even allowing interested parties to participate as a second assistant
  • Nursing:
    • Function of circulating and instrumentalist of the surgeries performed.
    • Control of sterile and non-sterile material in the hospital.
    • Assistance and help to the anesthesia service, in patient placement and the necessary equipment for each surgery and in cures for operated patients
    • Assessment and cures for operated patients.
    • Participation in the sections that occur every morning where the current status of patients pending surgery and already operated would be assessed.


El día día 18 llegó al Mnazi Mmoja NED Surgical Institute una nueva misión Neuroquirúrgicacoordinada por el Dr. José Piquer Belloch y compuesta por D. Luis Moreno Oliveras (Enfermero Instrumentista), el Dr. Pablo González-López (Neurocirujano), el Dr. Javier Orduna Martínez (Neurocirujano), Dª Ana Orue Pérez de Nanclares (Enfermera), la Dra. Inmaculada Palomar Ródenas (Anestesiólogo), el Dr. Francisco Luna Andrade (Neurocirujano), el Dr. Iván Verdú Martínez (Neurocirujano) y D. Manuel Montagud Fos (Comercial).

On the 18th, a new Neurosurgical mission arrived at the Mnazi Mmoja NED Surgical Institute, coordinated by Dr Jose Piquer Belloch and composed by Mr. Luis Moreno Oliveras (Scrub Nurse), Dr Pablo Gonzalez-Lopez (Neurosurgeon), Dr Javier Orduna Martinez (Neurosurgeon), Mrs. Ana Orue Perez de Nanclares (Nurse), Dr Inmaculada Palomar Rodenas (Anesthesiologist), Dr Francisco Luna Andrade (Neurosurgeon), Dr Ivan Verdu Martinez (Neurosurgeon) and Mr. Manuel Montagud Fos (Sales agent).

During their stay they carried out: daily evaluation of outpatients in Outpatient Consultations. Surgical activity at the NED Institute (neurosurgical procedures). Daily holding of clinical sessions in which the evolution during the previous day of all the patients admitted to the NED Institute was reviewed. Daily care for hospitalized patients at the NED Institute and MMH. Radioscopy equipment was received, which allowed optimizing mainly instrumented spinal procedures. Collaboration in the organization of the pharmacy and surgical material warehouses of the NED Institute.

The “3DN NED Foundation Neuroanatomy Training I Cycle, 2nd Course. 3D Ventricular System & Skull Base Endoscopic Anatomy. Applications for Endoscopic Surgery” was developed at Mnazi Mmoja NED Surgical Institute from September 27th to 29th, 2018, with 24 students from various countries.

It was led by Drs. Gonzalez-Lopez, Piquer Belloch and M. Qureshi, participating also as teachers  Drs. Verdu Martinez, Orduna Martinez, Palomar Rodenas, Hamisi Shabani, Luna Andrade and Aneela Darbar. COSECSA approved course for Neurosurgical training. In addition to the conferences with 2D and 3D media, a practical Workshop and 3DN Anatomy of the spine was held.

Dr. Piquer took advantage of his stay to hold various meetings with the Director of the Mnazi Mmoja Hospital, the local authorities (Minister of Health) and with the Ambassador of Kuwait, who donates to the NED Institute a new C-ARM for the operating room.


We ended the month as we started it, with a new mission of our UCI Project..

On this occasion, made up of Dr Yaiza Rovira Valles (Intensivist) and Dr Lara Bielsa Berrocal (Intensivist) who extended their stay until November 5th, continuing with the work and objectives indicated in our Project.