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September 2017 was also highly active and participatory.

It began on the 9th, with a Neurosurgical Mission destined for the Mnazi Mmoja NED Surgical Institute, coordinated by Dr Irene Iglesias Lozano (Neurosurgeon) and Dr Jose Luis Gil Salu (Neurosurgeon) accompanied by D. Eugenio Sanz Vazquez.

Clinical sessions were held every morning with Center staff in which incidences of hospitalized patients, new admissions, and patients scheduled for surgery were discussed. Evaluation of patients in clinical consultation. Urgent evaluations of patients hospitalized in the ICU of the Mnazi Mmoja Hospital, in which neurosurgical evaluation was necessary, mainly in spinal trauma. Surgical procedures mainly in tumor, infectious pathology and CSF alterations. Room pass to assess all the patients admitted together with the center staff. Wound cures were performed on the patients who underwent surgery, and guidelines for action were given. Training: In each of the activities, attempts were made at all times to involve the staff of the center, explain the problems and the reasons for one or another action. Likewise, during the surgical procedures, training tasks were carried out with both medical and nursing staff.


On the 14th, Dr Soledad Silvestre Fernandez (Intensivist), Dr Elena Velasco Lopez (Intensivist) together with Mrs. Irene Porres Revuelta and Mrs. Irene Lopez Martin (ICU Nurses), arrived in Zanzibar to join the NED UCI Project, who continued with the programmed activities of the Project until October 2nd.


Days later, specifically on the 19th, the second Non-Medical Mission of 2017 started, coordinated by Mrs. Antonia Martinez Gosalbez (Coordinator of Non-Medical Projects) to which Mrs. Rosa Gadea Martinez (Workshop Sewing Coordinator) joined on October 4th.

During these days they noted how the small steps that have been taken since 2013 with the Matumaini-NED women’s group from the Sebleni village have left their mark. At last they have their own house from which to continue working in better conditions. This space housed the store, the sewing workshop and the warehouse. They have already started selling in hotels and in some of shops, which has encouraged them to continue striving and learning. One of the youngest women received a scholarship to take a Dressmaking course that can bring professionalism and encourage learning for the rest of the group. We believe that teaching and learning are the fundamental pillars of good work.