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After a laborious and fruitful month of August, two new missions visit the Mnazi Mmoja NED Surgical Institute during September 2016.

The first one, composed of Neurosurgeons Dr Xavier Malaga Valles and Dr Mª Jesus Alvarez Holzapfel from Dr Clavel Foundation, Dr Teresa Lopez Buades (Intensivist)  and nurse Mrs. Lourdes Alonso Caravaca.

The second mission was formed by Dr Mahmood Qureshi (NED Medical Coordinator for Africa and Neurosurgeon), Dr Aneela Darbar (Pakistan Neurosurgeon), Dr Gilbert Mwaka (Anesthesiologist), Dr Maite Bovaira Forner  (Anesthesiologist), the nurses, Mrs. Ana Benito Muñoz and Mrs. Encarna Jimenez Extor and the medical students Mr. Guillermo Martínez Bovaira and Ms. Cristina Losada de la Rosa.

During their stay at the Institute, the “I PAIN BASIC COURSE” was given to the Institute’  staff  as well as the Mnazi Mmoja Hospital personnel.

At the end of the month, a mission from the Non-Medical Project to Sebleni arrived on the Island, coordinated by Mrs. Antonia Martinez Gosalbez (Coordinator of Non-Medical Projects), Mrs. Mar Piquer Martinez (Psychology Student), Mrs. Carla Vela Alba (Student), Mrs. Mª Jose Torregrosa Carrasquer (Teacher) and Mrs. Regina de Pablo Ramon (Psychologist).

They performed: English and Spanish classes for village children. Training workshops in sewing, cutting and sewing. Crafts and costume jewelry. Games and excursions with children.