The other work area is in the village of Sebleni. There we are developing and collaborating on various projects with their corresponding activities.

Support program for the “Salvation English Center” school, focused mainly on teaching English (essential to find a good job on the island) and with the idea of gradually introducing other languages. All staff are native speakers; NED collaborates in teacher training, with school supplies. Currently the center has around 60 students of all ages, of which 15 are already on scholarships and receive training for free.

– Sewing Workshop.

In 2013 we established a project to help women.

One of the tasks that we have promoted is sewing. The school aims to provide tools to help women become independent and earn a fair salary.

Various activities and objectives are organized for all those women in the village who wish to receive this training.

We teach dressmaking for the arrangement and manufacture of clothing and, also, focused on the elaboration of articles that will be sold in the markets of the area and in Spain.

We currently have a group of 15 women attending classes. One is the coordinator and is responsible for continuing the work when our volunteers are not there.