One of the projects we have undertaken with great enthusiasm is the implementation of an Intensive Care Unit at the Mnazi Mmoja Hospital on Zanzibar Island (Tanzania) where pediatric and adult patients in the Zanzibar area are accommodated. While it is preferably for neurocritical patients, it can be expanded to other medical and surgical patients according to the needs of the moment.

The start up of the unit is to be progressive; we do not intend to work at full capacity from the start since we must:

Provide the Hospital and the unit with the minimum equipment required for the adequate attention to this type of patients

Train both the medical and nursing staff in neurosurgical patient management and in other basic pathologies. At a later stage, we plan to carry out an education and nutrition program for the pediatric population.

Establish a close, ongoing, relationship between the two hospitals, Hospital de la Ribera (Alzira-Valencia) and Mnazi Mmoja and therefore the two Intensive Care Unit, which would enable us to improve results and perform “online” in cases that we consider appropriate

NED Foundation missions, which started in 2008, have been carried out so far at Mnazi Mmoja Hospital to collaborate on intraoperative management of neurosurgical patients in a close relationship with hospital anesthetists. By implementing assisted ventilation systems (until then intraoperative ventilation had been performed manually), it has been possible to control postoperative patients in intensive care where they have installed a continuous monitoring system and mechanical ventilation device that, in the absence of the air conduction and oxygen system, will work with oxygen bottles. Nurses and aids have been instructed in the control and monitoring of neurosurgical patients and this has helped them, as far as possible, in the control and treatment of other pathologies of their environment.

The coordinator of this great project is:



Dr. Gisela Alamán y Laguarda

Neurointensive Care Coordinator