During the early years, our work focused on children with severe malformations of the nervous system and, in particular, children suffering from hydrocephalus. The incidence of this disease in Africa is very high as it is associated with a folic acid deficiency during pregnancy. This disease is curable and it should be treated with drainage and derivations, but there is basically no availability of resources and postoperative complications could be avoided with better treatments. The lack of information and a shortage of personnel and equipment have caused many children with large cranial deformities to be abandoned.

To date, the Foundation has expanded its programs and has taken a broader approach in its interventions, incorporating teams of specialists from different areas in each mission. This has allowed us to make a greater impact and incorporate a comprehensive approach to the improvement of patient health care.

Therefore, as part of our medium and long term projects, we will work to establish these specializations within NED’s work in the region..