In June 2013, the Deputy Secretary of the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare of Zanzibar (Tanzania), Dr. Jamala Taib, Managing Director of the Mnazi Mmoja Hospital and the President of the NED Foundation, José Piquer, signed the definitive collaboration contract for the creation of Mnazi Mmoja NED Surgical Institute.

From the specific daily missions of the NED Institute

16_INSTITUTOBut we live before and after after the creation of the “Mnazi Mmoja NED Surgical Institute” in Zanzibar. Thanks to the efforts of the local staff, from the volunteers to the medical and surgical material that they bring with their suitcases in each mission, in addition to providing technological resources through donations, a daily healthcare, technological, teaching and research activity is carried out with a high impact on the population, a group of two million inhabitants

Throughout the 5 years of our Institute life, the 12,450 patients attended and the 1,200 free surgeries performed on patients with different neurosurgical pathologies have already been exceeded. Furthermore, it has been possible to perform highly complex surgeries with really successful results.

The number of volunteers has grown exponentially since the creation of the NED Institute, which already has a large team of local health professionals (doctors, nurses, assistants, cleaners), with an interest in learning and establishing an autonomous reference neurosurgical center in the East African region, for the training of professionals and the care of its population.

In addition to the ongoing training offered at the Mnazi Mmoja NED Surgical Institute, a total of 8 courses have been held and more than 10 scholarships have been offered to African health professionals for their travel and training in Valencia. Among them, nine nurses from the NED Institute and a neurosurgeon from Mwanza.

16_INSTITUTOVarious R&D works have been carried out, book chapters and articles have been published in high-impact scientific magazines by local colleagues and NED volunteers.

We also highlight the opportunity offered to local doctors and nurses to promote their studies with training accredited by the University of Zanzibar and international universities.

Empowerment through education is essential for health personnel to achieve recognition, respect, fair remuneration and leadership positions.

Thanks to all of you who have traveled this path with NED during the first five years of life of a great dream, which comes true.




16_INSTITUTODuring one of our stays in Zanzibar, in August 2009, we conducted the first brain tumor operation in the history of the island: a year and a half child with a giant brain tumor at-coma.

The operation was successful, and after a week, the patient was discharged. This fact had great media coverage throughout the region, so that the President was interested in the case. The enthusiasm and the imprint of this event were so formidable, that the Ministry of Health of Zanzibar in 2011 facilitated the signing of an agreement to create an Institute of Neurosurgery and Neuro-Intensive Care at Mnazi Mmoja Hospital.

In June 2013, Vice Secretary of the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare of Zanzibar (Tanzania), Dr. Jamala Taib, managing director of the Mnazi Mmoja Hospital and the NED Foundation President, Jose Piquer, signed the cooperation agreement ultimately to the creation of the Mnazi Mmoja NED Institute.

The function of this center, which will include two operating theaters, three ICU wards and two consultations will improve neurosurgical care to the entire population of Zanzibar and welcome professionals from the region in order to complete and expand their training ; but in the near future, it is expected to expand health care other related specialties. We consider that this project developed by the Spanish neurosurgery is unmatched by other initiatives. It is undoubtedly the most useful and with greater impact and involvement developed by a national neurosurgical community initiative and is comparable to large international companies’ projects, as has been recently recognized.

The construction of the Mnazi Mmoja NED Institute of Zanzibar, the result of several years of arduous work, collaboration and commitment to the inhabitants of the island, will be the great instrument for the final development of the neurosciences and related specialties. It will mean a greater economic effort to half a million dollars.

Thanks to the generosity of Paul Young, our Honorary President, and other partners, NED has committed to fund more than half of the project.

It will certainly be a milestone in our history and demonstrates the support, coexistence and respect for ‘Zanzibaris’ to the work of volunteers, regardless of race, religion or sex.

Each block of bricks in this building, it symbolizes the work of over 200 volunteers who have traveled to those islands over the years. Furthermore, it already symbolizes the tolerance and peace of the Zanzibar people, their appreciation, hospitality and harmony with all of us, where we have always felt part of the community.

Thanks to the invaluable help of volunteers, companies and individuals who believe in the NED projects, this center will advance our goals so that medical and nursing professionals can receive continuing education in current neurosurgical techniques with the necessary surgical instruments in benefit of all the inhabitants of one of the most impoverished regions of the Earth.

The Mnazi Mmoja NED Institute will also provide a permanent residence for the Foundation which will expand the number of missions and volunteers from both Europe and America.


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