DEFINITION:DEFINITION: “Neurosurgery is the medical specialty which is responsible for the surgical management (including education, prevention, diagnosis, evaluation, treatment, critical care and rehabilitation) of certain pathologies of the central nervous system, peripheral and vegetative, including vascular structures and the evaluation and treatment of pathological processes, that modify function or activity of the nervous system, including the pituitary gland and the surgical treatment of pain.”


Using part of this definition, the NED Foundation has made it our MISSION: to develop, promote and encourage all types of health care and teaching activities that affect the field of neurosurgery in the most impoverished regions.

Our coordinators for this area are:





Dr. José Piquer Belloch

Medical Coordinator for Europa




Dr. Mahmood Qureshi

Medical Coordinator for África




Dr. Paul H. Young 

Medical Coordinator for U.S.A.