During the early years, our work has focused on children with severe malformations of the nervous system and, in particular, patients with infantile hydrocephalus.

The incidence of this disease in East Africa is very high as it is associated with folic acid deficiency during pregnancy. It is estimated that in this region affects more than 14,000 children per year. This illness is curable and it should be treated with brain drains, but their availability is almost nil. The lack of information and lack of personal media and equipment have caused that many children are abandoned with large cranial deformities. Our priority as Foundation has been and is the prevention and treatment of childhood hydrocephalus.

However, the Foundation in the past year has taken a broader approach in their actions, incorporating teams with specialists from different areas in each mission. This has allowed to get a greater impact and to incorporate a comprehensive perspective on the improvement of health care for patients.

After years of work, the balance is positive. We managed to operate hundreds of cases and train doctors and nurses so that they can work independently in different specialties: Nursing, neurosurgery, orthopaedics, otolaryngology, radiology, gynaecology, internal medicine and paediatrics.

We have established stable missions with volunteers teams and expanded activity of the Foundation with non-medical projects, as well as, to formalized collaboration with local and international institutions through the signing of agreements and arrangements.

There are many challenges ahead and therefore we preparing ourselves to face them with the same determination and the same commitment. In this way, you support remains indispensable.