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On October 8th, Mrs. Alba Camacho Fernandez (Nurse) traveled to Zanzibar to participate in the ICU Project that the Foundation has implemented at the Mnazi Mmoja Hospital and extended her stay until the 25th, continuing with the work and objectives indicated in our Project.


On October 21st, the components of a new Neurosurgical mission arrived on the island

This mission was made up of Dr Vicente Rovira Lillo (Neurosurgeon and Coordinator), Dr Nerea Bueno Latorre (Anesthesiologist) and nurses Mrs. Regina Burgos Muñoz and Mrs. Victoria Aleixandre Gozalbo.

During their stay they held morning work meetings at 8:00 AM in the NED Institute Meeting Room. Daily situation of hospitalized patients and day program in charge of ward nursing. Spend hospital visit on daily floor (8: 30-9: 30): women, children, men and ICU room (including ICU Mnazi-Mmoja). 11 surgeries were performed.


The month ended with three new volunteers for the UCI Project, who traveled on the 26th, developing their work until November 17th.
The aforementioned mission will be made up of: Dr Laura Costa Quintela (Intensivist), Dr Ane Marculeta Juanicorena (Intensivist) and Mrs. Sara Estevez Egusquiza (Nurse); who was joined on the 29th by Mrs. Raquel Gonzalez Pardo (Nurse) who remained in the Hospital until December 1st.

Their work focused on: on-call at the NED Institute and “ward round in ICU”, assessing patients admitted to the ICU, trying to teach, encourage decision-making and adjust treatment in a reasoned way, trying to assess the risks and benefits of maintaining invasive measures in certain complicated patients, considering the context and adapting the therapeutic measures. Request additional tests, transfer of patients to the CT, ultrasound and hospital consultations. Training “mini-sessions” of about 10 minutes, given by both our volunteers and the doctors in the service, together with the nursing staff (with great interest): use of the portable ventilator, use of the defibrillator, algorithm for managing tachy and bradyarrhythmias, sedation in ICU (intubation and maintenance), fluid therapy in ICU, urgent dialysis criteria, indication of intubation and mechanical ventilation. Review of results of the different complementary tests and adjustment of treatments.