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Straddling September and October, a new Intensive Care mission departed on September 29th composed of Dr Nuria Martinez Sanz (Intensivist) and Dr Mª Inmaculada Fernandez Simon (Intensivist), staying at Mnazi Mmoja Hospital until October 14th.

They focused on the daily visit pass with the Unit’s doctors and nursing team (both new and old) reviewing the patient’s history, the graph, incidents during the guard and treatment. The complementary tests to be ordered were decided and the plan for the day was established. It helps to carry out procedures: channeling of central lines, peripheral lines, dialysis catheters, chest tubes, ultrasounds. Assessment of patients outside the Unit when they were notified of other services and decision with the ICU team on admission. Reception of patients in the ICU and initial care.


On September 30th, a new Multidisciplinary mission traveled to the Mnazi Mmoja NED Surgical Institute, coordinated by Dr Vicente Rovira Lillo (Neurosurgeon) and composed by Dr Hector Ruperez Caballero (Traumatologist), Dr Nerea Bueno Latorre (Anesthesiologist), Dr Aamer Malik Khan (Traumatologist), Mrs. Amparo Navarro Lacal (Nurse), Mrs. Covadonga Talens Gomez (Nurse), Mr. Juan Carlos Villena Ugarte (Nurse) and Mrs. Yolanda Triviño Gutierrez (Assistant), remaining in the Island until October 8th.

During their stay they held: morning work meetings at 8:00 AM. Pass hospital visit in plant. Neurosurgical and trauma interventions, in both Centers.

On day 11th, a mission from the NED UCI Project arrived on the island, with Dr Mª Carmen Martinez Gonzalez (Intensivist) and Dr Angela Martinez Roldan (Intensivist), remaining in Zanzibar until the 26th.


Days later, specifically on the 21st, a Neurosurgical mission departed, coordinated by Dr Angel Horcajadas Almansa (Neurosurgeon) accompanied by Dr Ana Mª Roman Cutillas (Neurosurgeon).

Their work focused on daily morning work meetings at 8:00 AM with case reviews, medication and planning. External consultation (50 patients); Later on demand. Daily room pass at 8:30 with review of wounds. . Preparation of surgical list. Daily operating room from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. on demand (16 patients). Formative talk on head trauma. Review of material and preparation of list of needs.


Again between two months, two new Intensive Care missions, the first one, started on the 22nd made up of Dr Isabel Lopez Garcia (Intensivist) and on the 28th, Drs. Sara Escalona Rodriguez (Intensivist) and Nora Palomo Rodriguez (Intensivist), who continued with the usual activities of the UCI project. Their work focused mainly on teaching both the medical and local nursing staff of the Intensive Care Unit.