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On October 8th, a Multidisciplinary mission to the Mnazi Mmoja NED Surgical Institute arrived at the Island, coordinated by Dr Vicente Rovira Lillo (Neurosurgeon) who was accompanied by Dr Hector Ruperez Caballero (Traumatologist), Dr Nerea Bueno Latorre (Anesthesiologist), Dr Jose Luis Narros Gimenez (Neurosurgeon) and the nurses, Mrs. Amparo Navarro Lacal and Mrs. Covadonga Talens Gomez.

Upon arrival, they began with visits to the inpatient ward; They visited the ward daily, where they monitored the condition of the wounds and the patients’ situation; performed external consultations and neurosurgical interventions. They visited the patients admitted to the ICU of the Mnazi Mmoja Hospital. They carried out an exhaustive inventory of the Institute’s material and drugs.

On the 21st, a new Neurosurgical mission traveled to the Mnazi Mmoja Ned Surgical Institute.

En esta ocasión, fue coordinada por el Dr. Claudio Piqueras Pérez (Neurocirujano); le acompañaron la Dra. Mª Teresa Verdú Martínez (Neurocirujano) y Dª Mª Teresa Carrasco Bustos (Enfermera).

On this occasion, it was coordinated by Dr Claudio Piqueras Perez (Neurosurgeon); Dr Mª Teresa Verdu Martinez (Neurosurgeon) and Mrs. Teresa Carrasco Bustos (Nurse) accompanied him.