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On October 4th, a new group of volunteers will travel to Zanzibar (Tanzania).

The mentioned group is composed of: Dr Héctor Rupérez Caballero and Dr Enrique Serra Mateo (Traumatologists), nurses Mrs. Maria Jose Fos Ferrandis, Mrs. Amparo Molina Faus, Mrs. Esther Cozar Martínez, Mrs. Maria Jesus Cambres Murcia, Mrs. Yolanda Forner Cañizares, also accompanied by Mr. Arturo Mélida Muñoz (Social Assistant), the Mission Coordinator being Dr Vicente Rovira Lillo (Neurosurgeon).

During their stay at the Mnazi MMoja Hospital they have carried out the assessment in patient consultations and selection of surgical cases, by specialty; Planning and execution of surgical activity; Follow-up of the operated patients; Post-operative care: Post-surgical wound cures; Information to the Hospital staff about the guidelines to follow in surgical treatments