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Last October, orus volunteers traveled to Zanzíbar, Tanzania, both Traumatological and neurosurgical mission.

In the Mnazi Mmoja Hospital the following volunteers worked with enthusiasm and excitement: Dr José Ramón Pérez del Valle (Orthopedist), Mrs María Campos Remiro (Surgical nurse), Mrs Ana Mª Jiménez (Surgical nurse), Mrs Demelsa Martínez (ICU nurse), Dr. Vicente Rovira (Neurosurgeon), Dr Rebeca Sánchez (Orthopedist), Dr Sergi Tormo (Intensivist), and our first non-Spanish volunteerl Dr. Ondréj Teplý (Neurosurgeon)

They took a break in this medical mission to visit the Mazzizini Orphanage where we gave toys and shirts, this last donated by the Hon. City Hall Marines (Valencia) and the Foundation U.D. Levante, from these lines we want to appreciate your defense upon the children who are in the Orphanage.



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