According to the dictionary of the Royal Academy of the Spanish Language, the definitions of the following terms are:

Nursing: “Job title of the person who is dedicated to the care of the sick and wounded, as well as other medical tasks, following clinical guidelines.”
Education: “Action and effect of educating.”
EducaTE: “To direct, guide, develop or improve the intellectual and moral faculties by precepts, exercises, examples, etc. …”
Development: “Progressive evolution of a society towards better living”
Solidarity: “Adhesion to the cause or the company of others.”

From the beginning of the NED Foundation in 2005, the Nursing volunteers for NED projects are guided by these definitions.

We are Nurses who try to give the best care wherever we are, with the means at our disposal. It is innate in the spirit of our profession to share knowledge and assist in the Education of other professionals with very limited means, so that the Development of their daily tasks enables them to provide quality care.

All this would not be possible without the added merit that all our volunteers have – solidarity for the cause our Foundation strives for and we fully identify with.


The coordinator of this area is:



Dr. Esther Gomez Gutierrez

Area coordinator