During the early years, our work focused on children with severe malformations of the nervous system and, in particular, children suffering from hydrocephalus.

Currently, the Foundation has expanded its programs and has taken a broader approach in its interventions, incorporating teams of specialists from different areas in each of the missions. This has allowed for a greater impact and incorporates a holistic perspective on improving health care for patients.

Within this new approach, some of the Foundation’s human resources have been allocated for the implementation and promotion of non-medical projects.

This new project area began to take shape during the mission to Zanzibar in January 2010, when we learned about the existence of Forodhani Orphanage and the potential for collaboration with the school management.

Following the site visit to Forodhani Orphanage, now Mazizini, in need of everything, we knew that the first non-medical project was born.