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We are pleased to inform you that a new and large mission arrived in Pemba yesterday within our Gynecology Project, remaining in Zanzibar until October 7.

On this occasion and coordinated by Dr Fernando Carbonell Castello (Surgeon) and is composed of: Dr Sonsoles Aragón Alvarez (Anesthesiologist), Dr Ana Boldo Roda (Gynecologist), Dr Marta Gallego Chinillach (Gynecologist), Dr Amparo Ganau Ituren (Urologist), Dr Cristina Martinez Porcar (Pediatrician), Dr Encarna Miñana Aragon (Anesthesiologist), Dr  Mª del Mar Ramirez Blasco (Gynecologist), Mrs. Carmen Salido Puig (Midwife) and the nurses: Mrs. Maria Campos Crespo and Mrs. Anna Reula Carrillo.

At the same time, Dr Ernesto Fernandez Garcia (Traumatologist) and Dr Fernando Sanchez Garcia (Anesthesiologist) went to the Mnazi Mmoja NED Surgical Institute, to continue with our Traumatology project


Full of enthusiasm, as you will see in the attached photos, is for NED honored and proud to have you all.

Asante sana!!