By: | Tags: | Comments: 0 | August 20th, 2019

Last week, two missions left for Zanzibar.

The first one, corresponding to our UCI Program, is composed by Dr. María Colomo González (Intensivist) who will remain on the island until mid-September.

The second one, from Saarland (Germany) is composed of Prof. Joachim Oertl (Neurosurgeon), Dr Christoph Sippl (Neurosurgeon), Dr Fritz Teping (Neurosurgeon), Dr Dorothea Münschen (Neurosurgeon), DrAkos Csokonay (Neurosurgeon), Dr Matthias Hülser (Neurosurgeon), Dr Daniel Kiefer (Anesthesiologist), Ms. Luisa Klee (Nurse) and Ms. Jennfer Schmitt (Assistant).

We wish all of them much success in their respective missions as well as our appreciation for their invaluable collaboration.

Ashante sana!!