NED is a Foundation registered as number 487V in the Valencian Community Foundation Registry. Its aims are to promote scientific, technical and cultural activity and to train health workers in neuroscience in order to improve technological development and its applications in the health field.

Combining the solidarity of a group of people associated with neuroscience and a related specialty, NED is the instrument that enables the group to polarize their efforts as the main line of action towards the “Development of Neuroscience in Central and Eastern Africa”.

Our message is:

“We got where we are with our work, risk and perseverance. This Foundation wants to help those who want training in different fields of neuroscience, but either cannot or have to go through a whole series of difficulties and problems we have encountered. We can go far but we will not forget those who are starting out and the disadvantaged. Our project must be linked to the development and promotion of neuroscience and neurosurgery particularly in the most impoverished countries.”

Our people