Historical 2014

During 2014, NED activity has focused, on the one hand, to organize and carry out 17 missions (including 1 Non-Sanitary). There were Neurosurgical missions among other specialties that have joined our project as Intensive, Traumatology or Gynecology, 98 volunteers from these joined us this year.

Our volunteers have visited the Kiambu County Hospital (Kiambu, Kenya) and the Mnazi Mmoja Hospital (Zanzibar, Tanzania). NED gynecology has worked in Chake-Chake and Wete Hospital on the Pemba Island (Tanzania).

This year we shipped our IV Humanitarian Aid Container for the new “Mnazi Mmoja NED Surgical Institute“.

November 2014 was the month we achieved a dream. A “macro” mission left staggered throughout the month with the purpose of preparing the inauguration of the “Mnazi Mmoja – NED Surgical Institute” that has been built on Zanzibar Island (Tanzania) for our Foundation together with the Island Government.

Along Dr. José Piquer, 12 have been the volunteer which, besides helping to launch the Institute, have done two exhaustive Courses (“Theorical & Practical Nursing Care Course: Basic Concepts & Application to Mnazi Mmoja NED Neuro-Institute”) for professionals, doctors and nurses who will be part of the workforce of it. In this mission, the opportunity to “open” welfarly doctors’ offices and theaters of our new Institute was held. At the end of this exciting month, a new Neurosurgical mission took place, this time, in our Institute, which worked as a final check of facilities and personnel before the official opening scheduled for January 2015.

We’ve participated in several events as: the round table “Professional doctors’ experiences on field”, which was part of the Conference on Cooperation and Sanitary Social Action held in the Valencia’s College of Physicians; and in this way publish our experience in Africa, by means of a lecture named: “A Spanish Doctor in Africa” in the Nevada University (Reno, USA); on the FIENS ANNUAL MEETING  in Chicago (USA) where we show our new projects’ advances in East Africa; a conference at the Valencia Tennis Club under the title of “The NED Foundation: a Valencian initiative for the African health development”.

NED Gynecology offered a charitable dinner in Alzira that was successful as much in attendance as in collection.

In June within our docent program, took place the VII Course of Clinical and Surgical Neuroanatomy for Nursery at the Ribera Hospital.

To conclude this fruitful year, the IV Solidary SOKO NED was organized, which, as in past times, earned a huge success in clients as well as in takings.

NED’s friends are almost 420 on the website and 1.100 on Facebook.

Historical 2013

There have been organized and carried out 12 missions (3 Non-Medical) during this year; the specialties that bet on our projects last year, have consolidated their position in them, being numerous both in the accomplishment of specialized missions (Gynecology) and in the volunteers’ participation in the rest of specialties (Neurosurgery, Intensive, Orthopedic surgery, Pediatrics… )

There have been moved a total of 68 volunteers during 2013.

The NED volunteers have visited almost on a monthly basis the Mnazi Mmoja (Zanzibar, Tanzania). NED Gynecology has worked in hospitals: Chake-Chake and Wete in Pemba Island (Tanzania)

Construction of Phase II and III of the building housing the “Mnazi Mmoja-NED Surgical Institute” starts

It was celebrated the 2nd NED Charitable Dinner in the Espai Cultural La Rambleta in Valencia – Spain, successfully convening and great environment.

It was been announced in the upcoming creation of the Nursing Grant “Tony Gómez”

We organize the III NED SOLIDARY SOKO in Valencia.

We are more than 350 NED Friends on the Web and reach almost 800 on Facebook

Historical 2012

There have been organized and carried out 14 missions (3 Non-Medical) during this year; in addition to the Neurosurgical ones, other specialties have chosen our projects: Intensive, Orthopedics, Pediatrics, Gynecology, … There have been moved a total of 78 volunteers during 2012.

NED volunteers have visited monthly hospitals: Mnazi Mmoja (Zanzibar, Tanzania) and Coast General (Mombasa, Kenya).

NED Gynecology has worked in hospitals: Chake-Chake and Wete in Pemba Island (Tanzania)

Travel to Zanzibar the first mission composed entirely by non-Spanish volunteers

1st NED Charity Concert at the Palau de la Música in Valencia

NED Foundation is chosen as the beneficiary of two annual dinners: Rotary Club Feria Valencia Mediterranean and Uria Menendez-Abogados. The resulting donations will be destined to “NED Surgical Instirute”

We organize the II NED SOLIDARITY SOKO in Rocafort (Valencia)

During the sixth non-medical mission to Zanzibar, we made contact with a nearby village (Sebleni) in which ask us our collaboration and which will study the possibility of the creation of workshops.

The NED friends exceed the figure of 300 on the Web and the 600 on Facebook

Historical 2011

International Congress on Neurosurgery is held in Dar es Salaam (Tanzania) sponsored by NED and hosted by the President of Tanzania. 2nd Hands-on Training Course on Brain Anatomical Dissection in Africa is organized.

NED volunteers visit Mnazi Mmoja (Zanzibar) and General Coast (Mombasa) hospitals monthly.

2nd NED container is shipped.

2nd Non-Medical mission to Mazizini Orphange (Zanzibar).

1st NED-Internal Medicine mission.

First Gynaecology mission. NED Gynaecology is created.

We celebrate “Special Neurosurgical Day” at the Nyeri Hospital: using 3 operating rooms at the same time, with 17 patients in one day.

The first medical mission for neurosurgery-gynaecology is organized for Pemba (Chake Chake Hospital).

NED friends exceed 250 on the web and 400 on Facebook.

Historical 2010

11 humanitarian missions take place throughout the year and 47 volunteers take part in the missions.

First visit to Sudan. Portable endoscope is donated.

The NED Non-Medical Project area is set up at the Forodhani Orphanage.

A NED Radiology mission is organized for the first time.

We visit Pemba and analyze the needs of the Island.

1st NED container is sent.

The first NED Non-Medical mission is organized and received by the First Lady of Zanzibar.

NED is received by the Ambassador of Spain in Tanzania.

We celebrate the NED Benefit Dinner at the MUVIM in Valencia and the first SOKO Solidarity.

Course is held on Exoscopy and Neuroanatomy in Nursing. We finance the trips for two nurses from the Coast General Hospital.

NED’s first ORL (Otolaryngology) mission is carried out in the MOI Teaching & Referral Hospital (Eldoret, Kenya).

It is agreed to initiate the development of neurosurgery in Mombasa (Coast General Hospital). The first mission is organized.

First mission to the Coast General Hospital in Mombasa.

Historical 2009

We launch our website and we report on the social network Facebook.

Our Friends exceed 90 members.

1st Hands-on Training Course on Brain Anatomical Dissection is held in Nairobi.

Agreement is signed with Mnazi Mmoja Hospital (Zanzibar, Tanzania).

Donation of neurosurgery equipment: Mnazi Mmoja Hospital.

The first NED Trauma mission is organized.

We are greeted by the President of Zanzibar.

NED missions in Africa are growing.

We cross the pond and visit South America for the first time: Peru (Lima). Hospital Daniel Carrion.

Donation of the first portable neuroendoscope.

Historical 2008

We are constituted as a Foundation: NED is officially recognized.

Our first NED volunteers travel to Kenya and Tanzania.

Some of the proceeds from the SENEC Congress-2008 (Valencia) are allocated for Foundation projects.

NED Neurointensive Care project begins.

Donation of a portable neuroendoscope: Dr. Paul Young

For the first time we visit the Mnazi Mmoja Hospital in Zanzibar (Tanzania) and start the neurosurgery project on Unguya Island.

We continue performing endoscopic surgeries and organizing hands-on training courses for neurosurgeons and nursing staff.

Historical 2007

Neuroendoscopy teaching extends to Kenya, Tanzania, and Ethiopia…

Hands-on Training Courses on Neuroendoscopy are held in many East African countries.

The NED Nursing project is launched and the first course on sutures is organized (University of Nairobi).

Dozens of children begin to benefit from neuroendoscopic treatment.

Historical 2006

Planning of the project “Mobile Neuroendoscopy in East Africa for Children with Hydrocephalus”

1st Hands-on Training Course on Neuroendoscopy is held (Nairobi, 2006)

We start our missions for endoscopic treatment of hydrocephalus.

4th International Neuroanatomy Course for Nursing is held in Alzira (Valencia). NED finances the attendance for 4 nurses from Kenya.

Historical 2005

First trip to Africa: we discover the continent’s needs.