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Reconciling collaborator will of a group of people related to neuroscience, the NED Foundation is the tool to develop their concerns and encourage the learning and progress of the different fields of neuroscience and related specialties, polarizing their efforts as the main line of action to the “Devolopment of Neuroscience in Central and East Africa”.

The Neurosurgery, Education and Development Foundation (NED) started in November 2006 a teaching and healthcare program in sub-Saharan Africa for the endoscopic treatment of hydrocephalus in children using a mobile and portable system as the best solution to try to solve this health and humanitarian problem.

On November 17th 2014, the NED Foundation in collaboration with the Zanzibar Ministry of Health founded the “First Humanitarian Neurosurgery Institute in Africa“. It is a non-profit center that we manage jointly with the local health authorities, which provides free care to all the patients who come to it. It has two operating rooms, an ICU, three hospitalization rooms, two consultations and a conference room where numerous conferences, presentations and courses have been held for professionals in the region.
Since then, hundreds of volunteers have defrayed their expenses and participating in medical missions, attending, and operating thousands of patients. Its construction and maintenance has meant an expense of more than one and a half million euros. It is worth noting that any institution that exceeds five years in the context of extreme poverty, without departing from the basic principles that contributed to its creation, deserves the highest recognition and the greatest thanks to the local community for its long-lasting continuity of service. of others.

The creation and development of this Institute has become a model for the development of medicine in low-income countries. The incorporation of Neurosurgery marks a new step in health care in low-income countries, as it leads to a global improvement in medicine and economic poverty. Without a doubt, developed countries like ours must work together with those with lower incomes to boost access to safe and affordable surgery for the poor.

NED Foundation


NED is a Foundation registered as number 487V in the Valencian Community Foundation Registry. Its aims are to promote scientific, technical and cultural activity and to train health workers in neuroscience in order to improve technological development and its applications in the health field.

Combining the solidarity of a group of people associated with neuroscience and a related specialty, NED is the instrument that enables the group to polarize their efforts as the main line of action towards the “Development of Neuroscience in Central and Eastern Africa”.

Our message is:

“We got where we are with our work, risk and perseverance. This Foundation wants to help those who want training in different fields of neuroscience, but either cannot or have to go through a whole series of difficulties and problems we have encountered. We can go far but we will not forget those who are starting out and the disadvantaged. Our project must be linked to the development and promotion of neuroscience and neurosurgery particularly in the most impoverished countries.”


A special group of people eager to develop and encourage learning and progress in different fields of neuroscience, and in particular neurosurgery in Central and Eastern Africa, decided to channel that effort into creating our Foundation and becoming its Patrons.

Through their commitment, goodwill and selflessness NED has moved forward and continued with the same excitement as the first day. They are:



Dr. José Piquer Belloch


Dr. Paul H. Young

Honorary president

Dr. Mahmood M. Qureshi

Honorary Vice-President


Dª Antonia Martínez Gosálbez


D. Salvador Roca Marquina



Dª Esther Gómez Gutiérrez


Dr. Pedro A. Riesgo Suárez


Dr. José Luis Llácer Ortega


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