39_ NED ON LINEThis project aims to harness the potential of information technology to develop regional neurosurgical capacity through improving daily practice, teaching and research.

However, we have encountered obstacles such as geographical and professional isolation, difficulty in communication and the burden of daily activity. We must thereby take the current expansion of Internet access in Africa and offer local neurosurgeons instruments and computing resources that enable them to develop their work in the best possible conditions.

The project has two objectives. First, to create a database of all patients who have undergone surgery with details of their medical history, country, city and hospital, anamnesis, diagnosis, intervention, monitoring, etc…

Second, the ‘Online Clinic’ aims to establish a network of contacts so that physicians can consult online.

The idea is to provide a NED computer to all East African neurosurgeons so that through our Web they have access to a range of services such as database and online consultation.

To identify and address the problems faced daily, a forum will be set up with the possibility of video conferencing with various consultants and specialists related to neuroscience.

We intend to expand these services in the near future and facilitate, in turn, access to periodicals, books, articles and scientific journals.

This project should have a positive impact on the clinical, teaching and research work for most African neurosurgeons.

In the coming years we hope to include more users and institutions, facilitating access to information and encourage the creation of new services with the hope that the results attract stable and adequate funding for the consolidation project.


The coordinator for this project is:



   D. Salvador Roca Marquina

   NED On-line Coordinator