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As you already know, within our medical projects and apart from our work at the Mnazi Mmoja Hospital and the Mnazi Mmoja NED Surgical Institute, since 2011 we are developing a large Gynecological project at the Chake Chake Hospital on Pemba Island (in Arabic “green island ”), Coordinated by Dr Rosa Barrachina Tortajada (Gynecologist).

There we practically started from scratch in a rudimentary delivery room with hardly any qualified personnel and about 11 deliveries daily on average in the last year, so all help is good. From being able to correctly equip the delivery room and the operating room, such as equipping the hospitalization and consultation rooms with medication and basic clinical material.

Our main objective for 2016 is to carry out three annual expeditions, lasting 10 days, consisting of a gynecologist, midwife, nurse, anesthetist and, if possible, a pediatrician.

Apart from obstetrics, the main gynecological problem for women in Pemba is uterine fibroids and its consequences, mainly hypermenorrhea anemias and pain.

If you want to participate with us as a volunteer in this magnificent project, you only have to press the link that we have attached to you, fill in the form, including your C.V., the titles you have and send it to; Our Coordinator is planning the missions for next year and it would be great if they could count on you.

A thousand thanks in advance to all for your generosity and support.