This Nigerian lady, full of praise for this Tanzanian Hospital, they saved her life. Below is the full thread, very interesting.
Today is my one month surgery anniversary! I was diagnosed with Chronic Subdural Hematoma and had to have an emergency brain surgery to save my life a month ago. I’m getting better, I’m stronger. I would like to share with you all the miracle God did for me in Zanzibar.
My sisters and I have this end of year tradition, we pick a country to go to for the holidays. For 2020, Somehow we decided on Tanzania very late. My sister in Nigeria and I didn’t really want to go there, so we were just “escorting” the one in the UK who wanted to badly.
At our first hotel in Zanzibar, my sister had to take a bike, to find my meds because all I was asking for was my meds. Another, I was losing my memory. Constantly holding my head, couldn’t walk properly, by the time we got to our last hotel (Tembo Hotel), I passed out.
My sisters tried to revive me and couldn’t. So they rushed me to a private clinic close to the hotel. I slipping in and out of consciousness for the next two days. Blood work done again, nothing wrong with me. Then a CT scan was done and they saw the problem.
They told me I had Chronic Subdural Hematoma and needed to be operated on immediately but that they couldn’t do it, my sisters had to take me to the government hospital to see if they could help me. When my sisters asked if they could fly me to Dar, the doctor said not advised.
This was on the 10th, the day we were supposed to be flying back to Dar and then back to Lagos and London on the 12th. They took me to the govt hospital, which didn’t really look so encouraging but they met an amazing Neurosurgeon, who convinced them that everything will be fine.
My sisters weren’t convinced to do the surgery, they called my younger brother who told them there was nothing anyone could do, they should trust the Neurosurgeon and everyone should go and pray. And boy, did my sisters cry and pray lol.
The surgery was successful, I was in the ICU for two days, no more headaches, memories coming back to me. Then I was moved to the general ward and after two days I was discharged. Walking, talking and no more symptoms. Just the general feeling that something had happened to you.
So yeah, the Miracle. If I had stayed back in Nigeria, I’m very sure I would have died. The doctor I met in Lagos told me the same thing, he told me it was a miracle I didn’t die. If it had happened in Lagos and I needed an emergency brain surgery, I would have died.
I would like to thank the amazing Dr Said who saved my life. The brilliant Dr Hassan, Dr Ismail, Dr Said Jnr, Nurses Hadiya, Mussa, Suleiman, Farsi. My Anesthesiologist. Student Nurses Abubakar, Rumi, Dulaifa and the other one. My little friend Yummnah. You were all wonderful.
God took me to a government hospital were health care was free and they didn’t have a policy to charge anyone, not even foreigners. I’m still in awe honestly, I’m still in awe. I would like to thank Mnazi Mmoja hospital and the government of Zanzibar, you are incredible.


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