Neurosurgery, Education and Development (NED) was established five years ago in a spirit that is different from other foundations or associations.

On one of our first trips to Africa, we verified that one of the most serious problems facing the region was infantile hydrocephalus, still being treated with shunts at a cost unattainable by the population given the low per capita income and the consequent problems for patients.

We have been asked many times if, perhaps, the real health needs in Africa are the treatment of HIV, diarrheal diseases, immunization, malnutrition, health during pregnancy and motherhood … why choose neurosurgery as a leading specialty?

The importance of this specialty is evident when you realize that it has widespread impact on all areas. As a neurosurgeon in a hospital with certain deficiencies, you detect these shortcomings: improving laboratories, intensifying preoperative and postoperative patient care, training and increasing human resources …

These are the medical projects we have undertaken in order to improve medical care in places where the lack of resources, training and personnel prevent thousands of patients’ needs from being met.