MAY 2018

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From 4th to 14th, a new and numerous group of volunteers remained in Zanzibar (Tanzania), coordinated by Dr Pedro Riesgo Suarez (Neurosurgeon) and composed, together with him, of: Dr Pablo Gonzalez-Lopez (Neurosurgeon), Dr Jose Ramon Perez del Valle (Traumatologist), Dr Angelica Millan Billi (Traumatologist), Dr Francisco de Borja Maruenda Garcia-Peñuela (Traumatologist), Dr Juan Antonio Fernandez Cabrera (Intensivist), Dr Raquel Peris Montalt (Anesthesiologist), Dr Juan Ramon Ruiz Carbonell (Anesthesiologist), Dr Juan Ramon Ruiz Carbonell (Anesthesiologist) and nurses Mrs. Anna Barat Zamora and Mr. Salvador Iñigo Clari.

Realizaron: celebración diaria de sesiones clínicas en las que se revisó la evolución durante el día previo de todos los pacientes ingresados en el NED Institute. Valoración diaria de pacientes ambulatorios en Consultas Externas. They carried out: daily holding of clinical sessions in which the evolution during the previous day of all the patients admitted to the NED Institute was reviewed. Daily evaluation of outpatients in Outpatient Consultations. Surgical activity in two operating rooms at the NED Institute (neurosurgical procedures) and at the Mnazi Mmoja Hospital (trauma procedures). Daily care for hospitalized patients at the NED Institute and Mnazi Mmoja Hospital. Visit to patients admitted to the Hospital, who were consulted. Collaboration by Dr Juan Fernandez (Intensivist) with the ICU doctors of the Hospital, in the care of patients admitted to said unit. Collaboration in the organization of the NED Institute pharmacy and surgical material warehouses. Material review. Making a list of needs. Transfer of damaged material to Spain for repair.

The “3DN NED Foundation Neuroanatomy Training I Cycle, 1st Course. Intrinsic brain lesions: the cerebral substance, brainstem & cerebellum. Anatomy and surgical approaches” was developed at Mnazi Mmoja NED Surgical Institute from May 10th to 12th, 2018.

It was led by Drs. González-López, Riesgo Suárez, A. Qureshi, also participating Drs. Haji, Idrissa and Leidinger. COSECSA approved course for Neurosurgical training. In addition to the conferences with 2D and 3D media, a practical Workshop and 3DN Anatomy of the spine was held.


On May 6th a new mission of our Non-Medical project arrived in Zanzibar, consisting of Mr. Alejandro Colomo Magaña (Pedagogue) and Mr. Luis Gonzaga Martin Velasco (Manager) from the Centro de Estudios Superiores D. Manuel Segura Morales de Benamejí ( Cordoba).

During their stay, they learned about and made contact with the projects and activities that the Non-Medical Projects carry out: Aldea Sebleni and the Women’s Group “MATUMAINI”; Mazizini Orphanage; 2 Early Childhood Education Schools, one for English and a Kindergarten on the outskirts of the city. Project for minors with intellectual disabilities in “AL-HARAMAIN INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL

After their mission, they left us this reflection: “These are projects of great social significance moved in different aspects of integration; very important, each one working from within to reach that full integration