MAY 2012

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Our volunteers have traveled to Zanzibar (Tanzania) in a multidisciplinar mission:

Dr Silvia Sánchez Morcillo (Intensivist), Dr Pedro Riesgo Suárez (Neurosurgeon), Dr Claudio Piqueras Pérez (Neurosurgeon), Dr Francisco Piqueras Pérez (Otorhinolaryngologist), Dr José Ramón Pérez del Valle (Traumatologist) and Mrs. Esmeralda Palanca Aznar and Mrs Olga Martín Rodriguez nurses

They did outpatient care and case detection amenable to surgical treatment by neurosurgery, orthopedics and ORL; neurosurgery, trauma interventions: surgery assistance and consultations with local teams ORL and postoperative ICU care and assistance for urgent non-surgical cases.