MARCH 2018

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On March 2nd, another Neurosurgical mission departed, coordinated by Dr Jose Piquer Belloch (Neurosurgeon), who accompanied by Dr Maite Bovaira Forner (Anesthesiologist), Mrs. Pilar Chisbert Genoves (Scrub Nurse), Mrs. Mª Angeles Perez Garcia (Nurse) and Mrs. Sofia Pilato Grollo (Nurse) did their enthusiastic work at the Mnazi Mmoja NED Surgical Institute.

Their activities were: evaluation of patients in clinical consultation. Several neurosurgical interventions were performed, some of them complex surgeries. Morning sessions with teaching the Institute staff by the displaced volunteers.


And last but not least, within the NED UCI Project, it was joined Drs. Extremera and Aroca from March 6th to 22nd, Mrs. Itziar Batzán Ferreros (ICU Nurse), who focused on teaching in Nursing in order to cover the healthcare needs of the patient, since gaps in knowledge and techniques, as well as in critical moments such as income or instability of a patient of course attending as one of the staff, they did and she supervised. In addition to assistance and teaching tasks, the entire warehouse was organized and restructured.

In summary of his mission, she has indicated to us that: “At no time have they been bothered by the criticism because they have always been constructive and they have always been reasoning about how the technique could be improved. The unit staff is charming. Maybe I missed more enthusiasm and a small percentage of nurses who wanted to learn “