MARCH 2017

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March 2017 began with an ICU Project mission to the Mnazi Mmoja Hospital in Zanzibar (Tanzania).

Coordinada por la Dra. Carola Gutiérrez Melón (Intensivista) estuvo compuesta por el Dr. Martín Amador Salcedo Rivas (Intensivista), Dª Marina Santos Rodríguez (Enfermera UCI) y Dª Carmen Martínez Rodríguez (Enfermera UCI).

Coordinated by Dr Carola Gutierrez Melon (Intensivist), it was composed by Dr Martin Amador Salcedo Rivas (Intensivist), Mrs. Marina Santos Rodriguez (ICU Nurse) and Mrs. Carmen Martinez Rodriguez (ICU Nurse).

Their stay lasted until April 8th and during that time continued the regular activities of the NED ICU project is underway since August 2016. Their work focused mainly on teaching both the Intensive Care Unit local medical and nursing staff: theoretical lessons on the most frequent pathologies and topics of interest in the ICU, extrapolating them to the cases that were admitted at that time. Admitted patients visit  to both the New ICU and the Old ICU, with the whole team: physical examination and discussion and definition of differential diagnoses and the therapeutic approach to be taken for each patient. Depending on each specific pathology, the doubts of local doctors were resolved and related theoretical concepts were explained. Practical workshop for doctors and nurses of different procedures (venous routes, cures, …) or topics most deprived. A basic and advanced CPR course was organized twice a week for doctors, nurses and midwives (in collaboration with the Gynecology and Obstetrics service). Collaboration with the Institute’s local staff reviewing patients admitted daily and assisting in emergency surgeries, both in the operating room and in the postoperative period.

An admirable dynamic work  was acquired, and the relationship of collaboration and respect with the local staff was excellent.

On March 25th, a new Neurosurgical mission left for the Institute.

In this case the mission was made up of: Dr José Piquer Belloch (Neurosurgeon and Coordinator), Dr Paul Henry Young (Neurosurgeon), Mrs. Lisa Marie Sorrentino Young (Nurse) and Dra Laura Alcover Navarro (Anesthesiologist) together with the nurses Mrs. Africa Sanchez Salas, Mrs. Mª Pilar Chisbert Genoves and Mr. Luis Moreno Oliveras. They are also accompanied by Mr. Manuel Montagud Fos (Commercial Technician).

During the mission, their work was based around: the organization and review of material, medication, equipment and instruments. Installation and verification of the video/audio system in the operating rooms and possibility of retransmission in the Conference room. Autoclaves verification and aspiration systems. Selection of cases for surgical intervention. Surgery of previously selected cases.

Our Medical Coordinators, Drs. Piquer, Qureshi and Young attended a reception at the White House with the President of Zanzibar

Furthermore, Drs. Piquer and Young participated, together with Dr. Qureshi, in the “SECOND FORUM OF CRANIAL, SPINAL AND PAIN SPECIALISTS OF THE ECSA REGION” that took place at the Mnazi Mmoja NED Surgical Institute, which was opened by our three coordinators, by Dr Jamala Taib, Director of the Mnazi Mmoja Hospital and the Minister of Health of Zanzibar.

Previously, together with volunteers and local Institute staff, a previous session was held to define the functions of each participant for the development of the training course that took place from March 28th to 30th.

During the course, different practical surgeries were performed: Posterior Tumor of the Fossa (Craniotomy); L3-L5 canal stenosis microdiscectomy (Dr. Young); Arachnoid Cyst Craniotomy (Using Neuronavigation System); Hydrocephalus (ETV) and Shunt withdrawal; L5-S1 Microdiscectomy; L4-L5 listhesis; Surgical Practice: Microdiscectomy in the Conference Room; Post-surgical myelomeningocele; T12-L1 fracture (arthrodesis); L4-S1 Microdiscectomy (Using Neurophysiology;); Arachnoid Cyst (ETV); Hydrocephalus: Ventriculo-Peritoneal Shunt Placement.

In summary: deep satisfaction when seeing the number of attendees and being able to make live broadcasts from the operating rooms to the Conference Room. Quite a milestone to take a Course of such dimensions in a place in East Africa.