MARCH 2015

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On March 7th, a new mission set off for the Institute. a new Mission 2015 traveled to the Mnazi Mmoja NED Surgical Institute in Zanzibar (Tanzania). In this case it is a Neurosurgical mission coordinated by Dr Angel Horcajadas Almansa (Neurosurgeon), who will be accompanied by : Dr Ana Román Cutillas (Neurosurgeon), Dr Marta Troya Castilla (Neurosurgeon), Dr Alberto Martinez Telleria (Anesthesiologist), Mrs. Mariona Hernandez Gonzalez and Mrs. Tania Gaspar (Scrub Nurses)

The activities carried out were: Evaluation of patients in consultation and Neuro-imaging tests. Evaluation of patients in the main building of Mnazi Mmoja Hospital with different pathologies. 14 surgical procedures. Post-operative care of operated patients and those admitted since before arrival. Preparation of a talk on hydrocephalus that was given to the NED staff.

On March 20th, a new gynecological mission arrived in Pemba composed of Dr Rosa Barrachina Tortajada (Gynecologist and Coordinator), Dr Irene Bañó Martinez (Gynecologist), Dr. Belén Collado Coso (Pediatrician), Dr. Mar Contell Giner (Family Doctor) and Mr. José Carlos Vivar Llopis (Nurse).

They saw 240 patients in consultation room and performed 23 surgeries; pediatric control of patients in consultation and admitted; ward control and prescribed treatments, both for gynecological and pediatric patients, and for other specialties admitted to the Hospital; …

The last weekend of March, a large group of volunteers coordinated by Dr. Alain Flor-Goikoetxea Gamo (Neurosurgeon) together with Dr. Jose Piquer Belloch (Neurosurgeon), Mrs. Ana Mª Alvarez Lopez (Scrub Nurse), Mr. Carlos Granado Otal (Nurse), Mr. Sergio Bueno Bayarri (Nurse), Dr. Nuria Sánchez Donoso (Intensivist), Dr. Silvia Serrano Casabon (Anesthesiologist), Mrs. Iris Llin Rivera (Instrumentalist Nurse), Mr. Julio Flor Gamo (Journalist) and Mr. Jose Luis Berruezo Zarate (Camera) traveled to the Mnazi Mmoja NED Surgical Institute.

During their stay they evaluated the patients in consultation room with neurosurgical pathology. Review of patients visited / treated by previous missions. Scheduled surgeries. Collaborations with hospital personnel on consulted cases. Training of local personnel.
Messrs. Flor Gamo and Berruezo Zárate made a illustrated report on our work in that Region.