JUNE 2018

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On June 23rd, our June mission arrived at the Mnazi Mmoja NED Surgical Institute, coordinated by Dr. Ruben Rodriguez Mena (Neurosurgeon) who will be accompanied by: Dr. Mariana Acosta Marin (Anesthesiologist), Ms. Lourdes Caravaca Alonso (Nurse), Dr. Elena Fernaández Mancebo (Internist), Dr. Elena Resino Foz (Internist), Dr. Gail Rosseau (Neurosurgeon), Dr. Khaled Aal Ali (Neurosurgeon), Mrs. Mayte Tolosa Sanchez (Nurse), Mrs. Belen Bonmai Piquer (MD Student) and Mrs. Belen Andersen Lorca (MD Student).

Days before their arrival, repair and DIY work had been carried out on the building, so everything was out of place and not very clean; operating rooms not enabled to start the surgical work immediately. Surgical supplies and pharmacy warehouse totally out of order: abundant pharmacy and anesthesia supplies, unclassified and unorganized. The organization of all the consumables and medications in their respective shelves and cabinets was carried out once the cleaning of the institute was completed, as well as the revision of the surgical material in the available instrument boxes. Conditioning operating rooms to start IQ. 10 surgeries were performed during the mission days. Collaboration with the team in the implementation of the mission, control of surgical material, sterility and carrying out surgical interventions. Help and collaboration with the team. They participated in the activity of external consultations. Daily clinical sessions were held on patients admitted and operated on. Teaching native staff in surgical order, sterility, surgical instrumentation and techniques and care for the surgical patient

In addition, daily bibliographic sessions of a teaching nature were presented:

  • One World, One Neurosurgery” (Dr. Gail Rosseau)
  • Lumbar Degenerative Spinal Stenosis” (Dr. Ruben Rodriguez)
  • Peripheral Nerve Injury in war zone” (Dr. Khaled Aal Ali)
  • Surgical Wound Care” (Medical Students: Belen Bonmati and Belen Andresen)
  • Control of Infections in Neurosurgery” (Dr. Elena Resino, Dr. Elena Fernández y Dr. Mariana Acosta)

Finally, a visit to the Mazizini Orphanage was made.