JULY 2019

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On July 15th, a new ICU Project mission arrived in Zanzibar, composed of Dr Lina Grauslyte (Intensivist), Dr Salomeja Aliukaite (Intensivist) and Mrs. Olivia Wibberley (Nurse) who worked at the Mnazi Mmoja Hospital until 27th.

They worked daily in the Hospital’s Intensive Care Unit, leading rounds in the ward. Consulting to establish differential diagnoses and treatment plans. Supervision of the doctors who performed the procedures. Stabilization of the impaired patient and review of impaired patients outside the Intensive Care Unit. Transfer of patients to the Hemodialysis Unit and the Radiology department

Regarding teaching, conferences were held for doctors: mechanical ventilation, acute respiratory distress syndrome, asthma, CPR, together with practices in mechanical ventilators and CPR. Also, conferences for nursing staff: the concept of critical care and patient deterioration. Compressions during CPR, CPR rhythms, and defibrillation. Basic life support and practice sequence for effective compressions during CPR and CPR itself.


At the same time, the Neurosurgical mission, coordinated by Dr Teresa Carcel Martinez (Anesthesiologist) and also composed by Dr Ariadna Soto Guzman (Neurosurgeon), Dr Sandra Lau Rodriguez (Neurosurgeon) and Dr Santiago Fernandez Garcia (Anesthesiologist), arrived at the Mnazi Mmoja NED Surgical Institute.

During their stay they carried out: daily evaluation of outpatients in Outpatient Consultations. Surgical activity at the NED Institute.


To end this month, Dr Aamer Malik Khan (Traumatologist) traveled to the Mnazi Mmoja NED Surgical Institute on a one-month mission with the aim of carrying out both educational and healthcare work, as well as managing and organizing the medical material that arrived by air, thanks to his mediation, on 9 pallets sent on July 22nd, 2019 to Zanzibar.

These 9 pallets contained medical material and have been the result of the collaboration of numerous entities, especially the Vithas Aguas Vivas Hospital, and the volunteers who have been donating it to the Foundation, as we already informed you in July 2019.