JULY 2010

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First our volunteers and patrons, Dr Mahmood Qureshi (Neurosurgeon), Dr José Piquer Belloch (Neurosurgeon), traveled to Sudan, where they visited the following places: Police Hospital (Madani), Neurospine Center (El Ribat), holding meetings, organizing and participating in the 8th Endoscopic Workshop and making neuroendoscopic interventions.
They later traveled to Kenya where they visited the Nairobi centers: Aga Khan Hospital and Children Hospital, where they organized the courses to be made in following years. Afterwards in Mombasa, they met with the Kenyan Health Ministry Secretary, in order to explain all the NED collaboration projects with Kenyan hospitals.
In Coast General Hospital, a new NED Mombasa project was arranged, they made some neurosurgical works and our Foundation donated a Midas Rex neurological pneumatic drill cranial/spinal. They were alsos in Aga khan Hospital and Mewa Hospital, where they did consultations and thay operated some patients.
In Zanzibar’s Mission, in Mnazi Mmoja Hospital, participated several medical specialties and it was composed of the following volunteers: Dr José Piquer Belloch (Neurosurgeon), Dr José Ramón Pérez del Valle (Traumatologist), Dr Fernando Aparici Robles (Radiólogist), Dr Rosario Gonzalez Rodrigávarez (Neurosurgeon), Ms. Mª Sales Vidagany Espert (Scrub nurse), Ms. Eva Camarero Galdón (Nurse), Ms. Aurora Amorós Cantero (Nurse), Dr Sergi Tormo Ferrándiz (Intensivist), Ms. María Campos Remiro (Scrub nurse), Mr. Jesús Franqueza Llopis (Occupational Risk Prevention Technician)