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2019 began with a Neurosurgical mission made up of an enthusiastic team coordinated, once again, by Dr Alain Flor-Goikoetxea Gamo (Neurosurgeon), accompanied by Dr Victor Fernandez Cornejo (Neurosurgeon), Dr Hector Marin Ortega (General Surgeon ), Dr Ivan Arazo Iglesias (Anesthesiologist) and Mrs. Ines Celeste Canastra Neto (Scrub Nurse).

During their stay they carried out the organization and material review, medication, equipment and instruments. Assistance patients admitted to the center. Local surgeons training. Surgeries assisted by local staff as first surgeons or as assistants in complex surgeries. Surgical interventions, predominantly pediatric, spinal and neuro-oncological

On January 19th, our first Mission of our ICU Project of this new year traveled to Mnazi Mmoja Hospital.

It was made up of nurses Mrs. Aranzazu Velez Arregui, Mrs. Pilar Garcia Esteban and Mrs. Izaskun Perez Ullate, accompanied by Dr Hamish Thomson (Anesthesiologist) and Dr Simon Lines (Nephrologist).

Continuing with the project guidelines, their work focused on the review of patients during the morning, with the entire team, following an ABCDE order, plan and treatment for the day. Explanation and monitoring of the new ICU charts recently implemented in September 2018. Promote basic nursing care (hygiene, care of the intubated patient, early mobilization, humanization in the ICU). Nursing care of both peripheral and central routes. Review of patients in the renal clinic.

In addition, workshops were carried out as central and central peripheral line insertion , type PICC / Mid line with the use of an ultrasound scanner, advanced life support, written material from the UK Resucitation Council algorithm, management of acute renal failure, insertion of dialysis for subsequent dialysis of the patient and stroke management and treatment.


Finally, on the 30th, Dr Maria Vidal-Quadras Fabra (Anesthesiologist) left for the Mnazi Mmoja NED Surgical Institute, who remained in Zanzibar until April 16th, carrying out an important task of advising and supporting the Institute’s staff as well as from Mnazi Mmoja Hospital.

On the verge of finishing her mission, Dr Vidal-Quadras left us this message: “It has been almost 2 and a half months since I arrived in Zanzibar. I can’t believe how time goes by! Before leaving, I wanted to write a few lines to thank each and every volunteer I have met during this period. Very different people, different ages, different specialties, but with a common denominator! Good people, happy people, willing people, people who want to share! I have learned things from all of you and, above all, I have had moments of hard work, anguish, laughter, beers and others. I have very good memories and that, in part, thanks to all of you”