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We started 2018, with a Neurorehabilitation mission, where Mrs. Marina Costa Gonzalez (Physiotherapist) has just joined the Institute where Dr. Andreas Leidinger was already, both of them staying there until the beginning of March.

During her month and a half stay, Marina developed the study for the future development of a Neurorehabilitation Unit. Creation of basic treatment protocols for consultation patients, as well as postoperative ones. Teaching the Institute staff in patient mobilization and positioning after surgery.

At the same time, a new mission of our ICU Project started, made up of Dr Aurora Lazaro Asensio (Intensivist), Dr Rebeca Herandez Vaquero (Intensivist) and Mrs. Julia de la Figuera Bayon (Nurse) destined for the Mnazi Mmoja Hospital and  were there until February 21st.

Their work focused on attending the ICU of the Hospital in the morning and occasionally in the afternoon. Collaboration in the income and medical care of patients with ICU staff. Continuous teaching during the visit pass. Teaching on specific topics about differential diagnoses, clinical cases, mechanical ventilation, electrocardiograms. Follow-up of the recovery and physiotherapy of some patients of the NED mission of neurosurgery in January Cooperation with Dr. Zaili in the approach to the care of the critically ill patient, physical examination, evolution due to problems, plan and treatment. Updating in Excel of the registry and monitoring of the database with the admissions and discharges of the patients, as well as the diagnosis and other items.

And finally, on January 13th, the first Multidisciplinar mission of 2018 has started, made up of an enthusiastic and young team coordinated by Dr Alain Flor-Goikoetxea Gamo (Neurosurgeon), accompanied by Dr Fernando Fernandez Cornejo (Neurosurgeon), Dr Pablo Garcia Domelo (Intensivist), Dr Inmaculada Palomar Rodenas (Anesthesiologist), Dr Daniel Agudelo Torres (Anesthesiologist), Mrs. Susana Cascon Garcia (Anesthesiology Nurse), Mr. Sergio Aguado Tejedor (ICU Nurse), Mr. Asier Muñoz Gonzalez (ICU Nurse), Mrs. Izaskun Aizpirua Aguirrezabal (Scrub Nurse) and Mrs. Laura Mª Paños Bañon (Scrub Nurse).

They carried out: the organization and material review, medication, equipment, instruments. Selection of cases for surgical intervention. Surgery of previously selected cases. Team very focused on producing health in a complicated environment with a reasonable mindset and powerful common sense. A positive point is the ability to work together as a team and the complexity of the resolved patients and a negative point is that of the ray apparatus and the death due to stopping the spinal anesthesia of a herniated disc that did not have the preoperative procedure in depth that it would have had in other circumstances.