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We started February 2017 with the Neurointensive Project (ICU) second mission  started in August 2016.

Dr Pablo Extremera Navas (Intensivist), ICU Project Coordinator, traveled to the Mnazi Mmoja Hospital together with Dr Carola Gutierrez Melon (Intensivist), Mrs. Amparo Molina Aracil (ICU Nurse), Mrs. Ana Seco Martinez (ICU Nurse) and Mrs. Carolina Castillo Portelano (ICU Nurse).

His work focused on three main blocks: Training, Assistance and Organization

  • TRAINING: Theoretical course and practical workshops for Nursing for both ICU Mnazi Mmoja and NED staff.
  • ASSISTANCE: Support in the Mnazi Mmoja ICU  and in the NED Recovery. Most viewed ICU pathologies: TCE due to accident, TCE due to physical aggression, TCE due to precipitation. Eclampsias. Intrapartum hemorrhagic shock
  • ORGANIZATION: Provide the pharmacy of the Mnazi Mmoja ICU. Rearrange and order the NED pharmacy.


In the middle of this month, Dr. Fabio Spanu (Neurosurgeon) traveled to the Consolata Hospital in Nyeri (Kenya) within the Collaboration Project with FIENS (Foundation for International Education for Neurological Surgery) that consisted in providing a neurosurgery service for residents during two months for the mentioned Hospital and the surrounding area, remaining there until April 15.

During his stay, scheduled consultations for outpatients, scheduled and urgent surgeries, daily rounds for neurosurgery cases; neurosurgical training teaching for nurses and doctors. Collected data on the development of Neurosurgery in Sub-Saharan Africa. They have laid down the groundwork for future missions to provide observational data on human, technical and technological aspects. . Contributions and suggestions were made to the host Institutes to solve chronic or never seen problems with an observation, discussion and planning approach.


On February 18th, a new Gynecological mission arrived at Chake Chake Hospital headed by our Gynecology Project Coordinator, Dr Rosa Barrachina Tortajada (Gynecologist).

On this occasion, she was accompanied by: Dr Encarnación Miñana Aragn (Anesthesiologist), Dr Nadia Veiga Canuto (Gynecologist), Dr Fernando Carbonell Castello (Surgeon), Dr Mª Rosa Sanchez Garcia (Gynecologist), Dr Irene Ruiz Alcantara (Pediatrician), Dr Sonsoles Aragon Alvarez (Anesthesiologist), Dr Stephanie Socatelli Castro (Pediatrician), Mrs. Mª Carmen Campos Crespo (Nurse) and Mr. Cristian Olivert Riera (Nurse).

Continuing with the project started in the mentioned Hospital, during this mission the work was organized by Dr Sauda Subeit Ali, Hospital Maternity Head, optimizing their work. Surgical interventions were performed. All patients control after surgery. Medications administration, wound care and cheking until hospital discharge. Training in clinical sessions of general surgery: placement and use of meshes for hernioplasty. Pediatric Activity: Outpatient visits; daily visit of all admitted pediatric patients; postoperative support of pediatric patients operated on. Pharmacy drug organization.


At the same time, a Neurosurgical mission from the Saarland University Hospital (Homburg, Germany) arrived at the Mnazi Mmoja NED Surgical Institute in Zanzibar, Tanzania.

The aforementioned mission was composed by Dr Joachim Oertl (Neurosurgeon), Dr Christoph Sippl (Neurosurgeon), Dr Simon Müller (Neurosurgeon), Dr Philipp Hendrix (Neurosurgeon), Mrs. Elena Schlick (Scrub Nurse) and Mrs. Virginia Weiß (Scrub Nurse).

During their stay they carried out: clinical consultation of Neurosurgery. Neurosurgical interventions and emergencies. Evaluation of postsurgical patients in the Hospitalization Room.