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At the end of January, on the same day 31th, a new Mission left for the Institute. On this occasion it was coordinated by Dr Javier Orduna MartInez (Neurosurgeon), who was accompanied by: Dr David Fustero de Miguel (Neurosurgeon) and Mrs. Ana Isabel Badesa Peña (Instrumentalist Nurse).

During their stay they evaluated the patients in consultation room with neurosurgical pathology. Review of patients visited / treated by previous missions. Scheduled surgeries. Collaborations with hospital staff on consulted cases. Training of local personnel.

By February 21st, a new Mission arrived at the Institute coordinated by Dr Jose Luis Llacer Ortega (Neurosurgeon), who travelled with Dr Javier Altamirano Cruz, Dr Juan Fernandez Cabrera (Intensivist) and nurses Mrs. Miriam García Herreros and Mrs. Marta Lopez Ramos.

Among other activities, they carried out: Pediatric Neurosurgery and Neurosurgery clinic consultation. Assessment and treatment of patients in the ward. Surgical interventions – Neurosurgery. Management of postsurgical patients in the Intensive Medicine Unit (Recovery Room) and Hospitalization Room. Assistance to patients who required critical care in Mnazi Mmoja hospital (Zanzibar).