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Three missions were the first to have initiated 2014 NED activities.

The first one, started the first weekend of February , coordinated by Dr José Piquer ( Neurosurgeon and President of NED) accompanied by Mrs. Africa Sánchez Salas (Nurse) and Mr. Manuel Montagud Fos (Head of NED Warehouse)

Their mission is focused on the establishment of a new Neurosurgical Program in Nairobi (Kenya) and on the review in situ about the progress in the construction of “Mnazi Mmoja NED INSTITUTE” in Zanzibar (Tanzania). They also had the opportunity to perform some neurosurgical interventions in both Hospitals, the Nairobi Hospital, and the Mnazi Mmoja Hospital in Zanzibar.

The  photos of the first 2014 mission and the progress of the Institute, are courtesy of our volunteer , Africa Sánchez Salas : “From Zanzibar to tell you that everything is great and that the works of the institute are well advanced NED !

Thank you so much !

The second mission , Gynecologic , was coordinated by Dr Rosa Barrachina Tortajada (Gynaecologist ) by Dr Lorente Asuncion Hervas (Gynaecologist), Dr Amparo López Gómez (Anesthesiologist), Mrs. Ermelinda Abarca Cañada (Midwife) and Mr. Cristian Olivert Riera ( Nurse), traveled to Chake Chake  Hospital at Pemba island (Tanzania ) where they attended various gynecological patients in outpatient clinics; inpatient monitoring and attention to the needs of the Delivery Room . They performed surgeries scheduled in Chake – Chake Hospital .

And the last one, in this February, has been Multidisciplinary, coordinated by Dr Jose Luis Llácer Ortega (Neurosurgeon) together with Dr Gisela Alamán y Laguarda (Intensivist), Dr. Josue Avecillas Chasin (Neurosurgeon), Dr Elena Muñoz Jalle (Pediatrician), Mrs. Cristina Sanz Romero (Scrub Nurse) and Mrs. Miriam Garcia Herrero (ICU Nurse), went to Mnazi Mmoja Hospital in Zanzibar (Tanzania).

During their stay they performed neurosurgical consultations, surgeries, visit patients in ICU and operated plant. Consultation several children with neurological disorders. Organization and support in ICU. Attendance at some birth.

In addition, a review was made of the orphanage children, 29 in all, enjoying generally good overall, except decay in many of them…