Volunteer with us

NED volunteers are people who contribute their time and expertise to the foundation's projects without receiving any financial or material compensation in return.

At the NED Foundation, we need people who are committed to our mission: to engage in all types of care and teaching activities in the field of neurosurgery and related specialties (nursing, gynaecology, intensive care, anaesthesia, trauma, paediatrics and internal medicine) that serve to improve the capacity of low-income health systems.

We need you for your vocation, experience and professionalism, but also for your enthusiasm and character.

We would love to count on you to continue helping more people!



Becoming a volunteer

To become a volunteer you must apply through this form, sign the volunteer commitment and be registered in our database. Once registered, you will be added to our volunteer pool. We select the candidates according to the planned missions, the needs and the required specialities (remember that our members have priority). We will contact you directly when there is availability. From that moment on, we will start to organise the mission in which you will participate.

What our volunteers say

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