Minimally Invasive Parafascicular Surgery (MIPS) Course

An exoscope practical hands-on course for neurosurgeons

Minimally invasive parafascicular surgery combines key concepts in access with novel technologies for minimally disruptive surgical intervention. Applicable with a variety of visualization platforms, including the exoscope, the BrainPath tubular access system allows for transsulcal, parafascicular access to intracerebral hematomas, tumors, and other deep lesions in the brain with the goal of reducing the amount of trauma to normal brain and white matter tracts.

This workshop has been designed to provide neurosurgeons with the opportunity to enhance his/her skills in exoscopic minimally invasive surgery with MIPS and BrainPath. Additionally, we will discuss the impact of 5-ALA-induced fluorescence in appropriate patients with the goal of achieving higher extent of  resection/evacuation and lower ischemic complications. By attending this workshop, participants will have the opportunity to gain and expand their knowledge regarding exoscopic applications and parafascicular surgery in tumors and hematomas.


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