Toni has left us.

He founded NED and offered through his knowledge a hopeful vision to all the volunteers who have struggled to understand, help and serve the neediest people.

At the beginning of his illness, we sent this African thought to him from all the NED friends “In the forest, when the branches quarrel, the roots embrace each other.”

We said him: the branches is the apparent, the visible, the tangible, the expired … The roots are the invisible, the immaterial, from where everything emanates and where everything returns. They are the words of life

He has been a great tree full of roots, that will embrace us for all eternity

This evocation serves to frame the figure of a good man who, after looking into the eyes of the disease, decided to face it with all his strength without blaming it for the message it brought him. What an example! Toni and Tere; Tere and Toni, how great you have been!

How many memories does your existence bring me, the beginning of NED, how much do I owe you…. You always by my side, bearing my defects, covering my deficiencies. Without you this tremendous dream would not exist. We had a maximum between us: 1 + 1 = “two”. We didn’t need to talk, looking at each other was enough to know the right direction. We grew, we gave ourselves up, we organized quickly. We were not afraid at all, we dealt with extreme situations with ease. Your strength was the secret.

What gratitude and kindness you showed to all who approached us asking for help. Now we gratefully remember your simplicity and generosity with which you taught, stimulating concern, hope, and providing understanding, appreciation, and warmth. Your elegant smile, your good mood, the joy and inner peace. Without a doubt, there is no gift that equals having been your friend.

TONI, your existence has allowed us a more positive vision of humanity, has provided us with another vision of an eternity that begins here. For this reason, you continue to be with us, we are going to rebuild this physical “zero” in which you have left us together to continue demonstrating that message that we liked so much “Many small people, in small places, doing small things, can change the world “

And remembering yesterday, the day you were born, that quote: “who will inspire us even after they are gone? Those who served someone other than themselves ”; rest in peace.

I love you.


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