After an intense month of February, we start the month with three missions, which will arrive at their respective destinations today, March 1st.

Continuing with our UCI Project, three volunteers, Dr Olga González Aleman (Intensivist), Mrs. Alejandra Martinez Cuesta (Nurse) and Mrs. Mª Fernanda Llamas Lopez-Navarrete (Midwife), will work in the Intensive Care Unit of the Mnazi Mmoja Hospital until the next March 19th.


One more year and within our Gynecology Project, Dr Rosa Barrachina Tortajada (Gynecologist) has gathered a large group that will work in the Chake-Chake Hospital in Pemba (Tanzania) until next March 15.

She is accompanied by: Dr Asunción Lorente Hervas (Gynecologist), Dr Debora Gomez Palomares (Gynecologist), Dr Nerea Bueno Latorre (Anesthesiologist), Dr Hilario Pellicer Chover (Odontologist), Dr Rafael Sala Lopez (General Surgeon), Mrs. Mayca Fuertes Hinarejos (Midwife), Mrs. Mavi Mingacho Cervera (Nurse), Mrs. Alba Asensio Sanz de Larrea (Nurse) and Mrs. Laura Salas Mesa (Nurse)



Last but not least, we also began this month with a Neurosurgical mission to the Mnazi Mmoja NED Surgical Institute.

Coordinated by Dr Víctor Gonzalez Gimenez (Neurosurgeon), it is composed by Dr Daniel Alegre Ruano (Neurosurgeon), Dr Mª Angeles Muñoz Miguelsanz (Pediatric Surgeon), Dr Luciano Perri (Pediatric Surgeon), Dr Marta Mariscal Gil (Anesthesiologist), Dr Helena Romagosa Jaume (Anesthesiologist), Dr Aaron Alfonso Alvarez (Anesthesiologist), Dr Nanda Llorca (Anesthesiologist) and Mrs. Natalia Lopez Aguado (Nurse).



To all of them … Many, many thanks …

Asante sana!!

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