Charity events

There are many ways to show our solidarity. One of them is by participating in charity events. We organise events, we help your celebrations have a charitable purpose and at Christmas we sell lottery tickets to distribute solidarity.


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Charity events

We organise events, charity markets and concerts, an evening of magic or a theatre night. We can also take part in sporting events: charity races, charity tournaments or sporting challenges. All to improve health and surgical care for the people who need the most support.

Customised celebrations

If you like what we do, we would love to join you when you celebrate a special moment: your birthday party, wedding…. Your guests can make a donation (for example, through a charity fundraiser on Facebook) and we will give you a gift of solidarity.


It has become a tradition. Every Christmas we give out lottery tickets to bring you luck. We hardly ever win, but every ticket always helps us 🙂

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