– To acknowledge and respect rights arising from the statutes and regulations of the Institution.

– To serve as a volunteer according to your abilities, aptitude and interests.

– To respect the commitment to the Foundation.

– To be informed about the Fundamental Principles of the Foundation, objectives, structure, operation and tasks to be carried out.

– To receive information, training, orientation, permanent support and, where appropriate, necessary materials to maintain the quality of services provided.

– To be accredited to third parties, the institution itself and beneficiaries as personal identification.

– To be treated without discrimination, respecting freedom, dignity, privacy and beliefs. Actions will not interfere with the main obligations or private life.

– To be informed about objectives, background, duration, place, risks and roles to perform in each of the volunteer activities.

– To be insured against all risks of Civil Liability while volunteering.

– To have the backup and support from the Institution and the professional staff in every organized volunteer activity.

– To participate actively in the organization, collaborating with the election of the representative boards, direction and management, development, design, implementation and evaluation of programs, in accordance with its statutes or applied regulations.

– To be aware that the loss of membership in the Foundation and the potential penalties are made according to rules of the Foundation and may not occur without being heard by the authorized body in charge of making the final decision.

– To respect the Deontological Code regarding volunteer activities.

– To have the right that the volunteer activity is not burdensome for the volunteer.

– To be recognized for services provided.

– To be made aware of these rights and demand compliance.




– To know, observe and enforce the fundamental principles, philosophy, objectives, statutes and regulations of the Foundation.

– To perform volunteer services according to the principles that inspired these services.

– To carry out the commitments, respecting the purposes and regulations thereof.

– To maintain Deontological Codes regarding volunteer services, ensuring discretion and confidentiality similar to professional secrecy.

– To perform volunteer services with equality and justice without any kind of discrimination or abuse, or differential treatment based on sex, religion, social status or political belief.

– To use the volunteer status, card, badges, clothing or any other type of material as stipulated in the regulations of the Foundation

– To respect and care for the material resources provided by organizations.

– To be trained for the activities and assigned tasks, undergoing the necessary continuing education to maintain quality of services that will be provided.

– To perform volunteer services which have been arranged, without going beyond this role or taking on other responsibilities.

– To learn about the objectives, background, duration, place, action and role to play in each of the volunteer activities.

– To participate in the organization and its divisions with ideas and knowledge as stipulated in the statutes and regulations.

– To refuse any kind of material remuneration that may be received from the beneficiaries or from other people.

– Not to carry out activities for your own benefit or for any kind of other organization during the time, and space, that you work with the Foundation.

– To carry out any subsequent action arising from NED volunteer work respecting the purposes and regulations of the Foundation, and to report in a timely manner any such actions under the supervision of the Foundation.

– To know, comply with and share this Volunteer Agreement.


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