House of Hope

The House of Hope is a health and social care centre located in Zanzibar. Our aim is to improve the lives of children with hydrocephalus and spina bifida, together with their families.


We work in collaboration with the patients’ association HSBO Zanzibar 

and the NGO Child Help International

We offer housing and food for the most vulnerable patients

We provide accommodation for those families who find it difficult to receive medical treatment at the NED Institute. These families are accommodated before or after treatment.

This service enables children to receive vital care and makes it easier to follow up with patients after surgery.

We offer a physiotherapy service for children at the House of Hope. Thanks to the initial support of the Mutua Madrileña Foundation and in collaboration with the Tanzanian company Kyaro Assistive Tech, we acquired physiotherapy equipment adapted to the needs of the children and the local context.

This service allows dozens of children to receive weekly physiotherapy sessions by qualified professionals. It also enables families to perform the exercises at home independently.

We provide comprehensive psychological care with a focus on neuropsychology. We assess and design interventions for children with hydrocephalus, spina bifida and other neurodevelopmental disorders. We also work with their families to involve everyone in the process of psychological care and neuropsychological development.

Areas of intervention

  1. Individual neuropsychological assessment and intervention.
  2. Education and training of local professionals.
  3. Coordination with schools.

The House of Hope team conducts home visits, accompanies families before and after consultations, and organises health and prevention campaigns. It also runs support groups for women and young people and works with other local organisations and universities.

With the support of INECO, we have acquired and adapted a van to safely transport children with reduced mobility.

This vehicle facilitates the transportation of the children so that they can receive medical treatment and attend physiotherapy and neurorehabilitation sessions at the House of Hope.

House of Hope Zanzibar team

  • Ruwayda

  • Hussein

  • Khadija

  • Ramla

  • Omar

  • Hadia

  • Fatma

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